Vacation Living

It's not just the location . . . it's the lifestyle.

The place you'd be tomorrow if you could find a way to make it happen.

Well, owning a resort property and enjoying the lifestyle that comes with it may start as a dream, but for many it's become a reality. It could be your reality.

If you're like many of the baby boomers entering their middle years, you may be feeling a strong emotional pull to lead a more balanced life. You may be thinking it would be nice to have a getaway place – a place to spend more time with your family. That's why a resort property may make more sense than ever.

Today, thanks to technology, a resort property can be more than just a vacation destination you visit once or twice a year. It can be a second home where you live and work part-time throughout the year. It could be a home you'll spend even more time enjoying later in your retirement.

Until that time, your resort property is a tangible symbol of your career achievement and financial success . . . and one you can share with those you care about.

Where are the best resort areas?

The best resort areas are the ones that fit your lifestyle preferences.

Begin your resort property search by deciding where you most want to be and what you most enjoy doing.

  • Is golf your passion?
  • Do you prefer warm weather and water sports?
  • Does your idea of fun involve snow-covered slopes?
  • Maybe you want to get away from it by camping into the high country?
  • Is an ideal location a community that supports a thriving performing arts lifestyle?

Whatever your choice, The Prudential Resort Properties Network® has real estate professionals in almost every area in North America. Our large network of professionals enables you to consider specific communities or destination resort areas. You can view and compare properties in ‘parallel’ markets if you like.

Prudential Real Estate professionals are happy to help you make the choice that's right for you.